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Kind, efficient and professional

Kevin and his team are the best . Always kind and willing to help. They helped me follow a very frightening domestic violence situation and even willing to assist in after care. They are friends to the community and their customers in the truest form of the word. Thanks Kevin! 🙏🏻


DV Helping Hand

I was calling several PI’s in Utah on a Thursday evening. Kevin was the only one that answered with the best reviews online. His tone was calm, helpful, and action motivated. I had a tight time frame to gather criminal records. And on the same night he had everything I needed. In addition, he gave me very helpful insight and advice on how to gather protected files from a well known college in Utah. Thank you Kevin for your guidance and helpful retention of the criminal files I was searching for.

Anonymous from Arizona

Kevin saved me 600K

I hired Kevin to investigate my ex-wife. I had suspicions that she was cohabitating with her boyfriend. Within our divorce decree it states that cohabitation is grounds for terminating alimony. Kevin and his team went right to work. He placed a GPS tracker on her vehicle. When he knew she was at her boyfriend’s house, he set up surveillance to gather onsite information. He was able to get great picture and video evidence of not only her living there but gaining unrestricted access to his house, parking in the garage, visiting with neighbors, shopping for food and household items, etc. With Kevins detailed report we were able to file a motion to terminate alimony. We were able to settle out of court. It saved me $600,000 in future alimony payments.
I would highly recommend Kevin and his team. They are experts at what they do and true professionals. I appreciated his follow up and keeping me posted on the weekly progress. He was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the process. Thanks Kevin!!


I have known Mr. Wyatt (Kevin) for over a decade and had an opportunity to see his work in domestic assaults, homicides, child sex crimes, drug cases, frauds, missing persons and identity theft. First and foremost, he is an excellent investigator with a conviction rate in the 90% while still participating in actively raising a family. Doing investigations in the private sector requires a unique discipline of character and tenacity to be able to master. Mr. Wyatt is a man of such character.

E. Robby Russo
Chief of Police

We appreciate the quality of your work and the professional commitment that was reflected in the case. The Office of the District Attorney recognizes your professionalism and the service you extend to your community. Thank you.

Sim Gill
Salt Lake County District Attorney

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your exceptional work at my town hall meeting. I was so impressed by the professionalism, preparation and competence of each member of the department with whom my staff and I interacted.

Jason Chaffetz
US House of Representatives

The best private investigation team I have ever used! I have had occasions to use other investigators in the past 21 years of my family law practice and they are no where near the caliber of EyesOn Private Investigations. We have worked with Kevin for the past 6 years and recommend him highly, both for uncomplicated service of process to complicated surveillance, report, and expert testimony. Kevin and his team are professional, timely and get the job done. EyesOn is the complete package.

Utah Family Law Practitioner

EyesOn PI is quick to respond to our needs regardless of the size of the service requested, they always provide a very detailed report and additional recommendations should we want to further our investigation on each particular case, and all services are provided at a reasonable fee. I’m a paralegal at a local law firm who has utilized EyesOn PI for a variety of services including obtaining police investigative reports for both civil and criminal cases, surveillance pertaining to alleged injuries and the alleged loss of activity level and inability to perform daily life activities related to personal injury cases, background checks for both civil and criminal cases and skip trace when we need to locate a person who may be a significant witness who’s testimony may support our defenses in a particular case. It should also be noted that our clients are amenable to giving authority to retain EyesOn PI for services due to the reasonable costs and exceptional response time and reports.

Local Utah Defense Litigation Paralegal

EyesOn Private Investigators can only be described as exceptional in any type of investigation they do. Having worked with many private investigators, you automatically do comparisons on work ethic, reputation, professionalism, handling serious issues, confidentiality, meeting time restraints, being well-rounded in many areas of expertise and availability when issues become overwhelming. The ability to have questions answered and making sure we understood all issues needing to be done helped with our concerns legally. On a scale of 0-10, if asked to rate the work of Kevin and his team, this company deserves 10+. With the excellent reputation they have, we definitely guarantee that any investigation you need to have done, hiring EyesOn Private Investigators will give you the best investigative services available.

S&R Group

I worked with Kevin (EyesOn) from Dec. 2012 thru Feb. 2013. He helped me with my case of terminating alimony due to the fact that my ex-wife was cohabiting. Kevin and his team did an outstanding job of research, surveillance, collecting data, and information needed to terminate alimony. They put all this into a readable report for my Attorney and the Judge to review. There was no question of cohabitation. Alimony Terminated ! Thanks so much EyesOn…


I would like you to know how much I appreciate you for allowing me the opportunity to take your concealed weapons course. It was very nice to be able to take your course at a time convenient for me instead of spending part of a Saturday or Sunday in a traditional class. The class was to the point and gave many real world examples. I was expecting the course to be boring but I occasionally laughed out loud. Your professionalism, effective use of engaging teaching style, in addition to a mixture of wit and the ability to stress the seriousness, value of safety rules and proper firearms handling made what could have otherwise been a relatively boring or monotonous lecture into a fun, painless and relaxed presentation. I highly recommend this class to anyone!

CCW Class Student

Kevin (EyesOn) was the second Private Investigator my husband and I hired. The first wasn’t able to “come up with any information” after we had paid him a decent retainer. A Utah County District Attorney found Kevin (EyesOn) for us when we were going through a trial. We needed some information to use as evidence against perjury during this trial. Kevin was able to provide pictures, video, and very thorough written reports that we have been able to use and refer to for the past year. Needless to say, he proved perjury on the witness we needed him to. We contacted him again this year with a similar request and he came through with just as detailed information. Very well researched, and put into a report that anyone could easily understand.

Kevin (EyesOn) kept us current with what things were costing and what we had remaining, as well as step by step what he was doing. Outside of all of the former and latter listed professionalism, he is also very personable. He saw the importance of what he was doing for us, and kept that intent, our intent, paramount. I didn’t ever feel like he was just “going through the motions” of his job, but rather working with us to accomplish our goal.

We will continue to use Kevin (EyesOn) for any needs that arise involving a private investigator.


Used EyesOn PI for a lengthy surveillance project (over 1 year in length). At times, EyesOn PI had to coordinate with multiple investigators during same project. Never had any issues or causes for concern. Investigators are professional, well trained, honest with their time, and persistent enough to gather meaningful data. They always followed the law in their conduct, keeping all parties within compliance. Documentation and affidavits provided were thorough, accurate, and very helpful in settling our claims. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a competent and professional PI experience.

Utah Child Custody Client

I am a Minneapolis attorney with litigation pending in Utah federal court. My corporate client and I have utilized investigators from EyesOn Private Investigations multiple times for investigative purposes related to that litigation and pre-litigation. Each time, I have been impressed by their responsiveness, professionalism, and quality of work.

Minneapolis Corporate Counsel

Kevin and his team at EyesOn Private Investigations recently assisted me with an investigation involving my ex-wife and her refusal to allow me to see my children (custodial interference). Over the course of several days Kevin and his team conducted surveillance and obtained video proof my ex was actively refusing me access to my children. The video evidence and written Affidavit was used as evidence in a criminal case which resulted in my ex being charged and convicted of three criminal counts of custodial interference. The information is also being used in my civil case and I can now see my children on a regular basis. Thanks to the efforts and advice from EyesOn Private Investigations. EyesOn PI leveled the playing field and gathered the information needed to WIN!

Thanks EyesOn!

Salt Lake City Utah

Top Shelf Organization

Eyes on private is a top shelf organization and I have had the opportunity to get to know Kevin over the past year or so. We are excited to utilize his services with our business to better serve our clients and industry. Primarily background checks, etc.

The TRU Group, Presidio Real Estate

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Real World Experience

Our education, background and experience sets us apart. There are few, if any, PI firms that can claim this level of training and experience, let alone back it up with certificates, diplomas, and other verifications.

EyesOn has been directly involved in thousands of police investigations, surveillance activities, and complex fraud investigations. These cases involved multiple subjects and thousands of pieces of evidence and documents. Our wide range of expertise allows us to look at each case individually, from several perspectives, to find a strategy that saves client valuable time and resources.

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