Lie Detection. Reinvented.

EyeDetect is an automated lie detector test that’s fast, accurate and affordable. It helps reduce your risk, losses and saves you time.

An Advanced Technology to Help Keep Your Organization Safe

Those in positions of trust must be thoroughly vetted and continuously monitored to ensure trustworthiness.  EyeDetect is the first nonintrusive, automated lie detection technology that accurately and efficiently detects deception in 15-30 minutes by analyzing involuntary eye behavior.  Organizations worldwide use it for screening tests as well as diagnostic (single-issue) testing for criminal investigations or civil cases.


Results within 5 minutes after testing!


Scientifically validated at 86-88%


Less than half the cost of a polygraph

How it Works

  1. Examinee takes a 15 to 30-minute true/false or yes/no test.
  2. Data are captured, encrypted and uploaded to a secure server in the cloud.
  3. Proprietary algorithms provide a credible or deceptive score in less than 5 minutes.

Who Uses EyeDetect?

EyeDetect is currently used by more than 600 customers worldwide, including at over 60 U.S state and local law enforcement agencies.   Customers include:

  • Law Enforcement & Fire
  • Departments of Corrections
  • Government
  • Private Security
  • Corporations*
  • Financial Services*
  • Transportation*
  • Investigators
  • Attorneys
  • Polygraph Examiners
  • Treatment providers and Therapists

*In the U.S., the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) prohibits using lie detectors like EyeDetect in private companies. However, U.S. federal, state and municipal government employees or contractors may be tested.

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