Professional Contacts & Links

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Our network of professional contacts is vast. Here are just a few.

Sherlock Digital Forensics

Expert Data Recovery from Phones, Computers, Vehicles

National Association of Legal Investigators

Network of Investigators Actively Engaged in Negligence Investigations

World Association of Detectives, Inc.

A Global Alliance of Investigators & Security Professionals

Bureau of Criminal Identification

International Intelligence Networks

Membership / EyesOn PI is an Active Member

National Council of Investigations & Security Services

The National Voice of the Private Investigation & Security Professions

Drug Enforcement Agency

Drug References & Resources

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Detection Resources

Bureau of Criminal Identification

Bureau of Criminal Identification

Private Investigator Licensing & Concealed Firearm Permit Application

Private Investigators Association of Utah

Private Investigators Resources & Membership

Bureau of Criminal Identification

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI’s Most Wanted

National Insurance Crime Bureau

Insurance Fraud Investigative Resources

Utah Department of Corrections

Utah Sex Offenders Registry

Private Investigator's Magazine

PI Magazine &  Resources

Council of International Investigators

Specialized Solutions through a Global Network

H-11 Digital Forensics

H-11 Digital Forensics is a global leader of digital forensic technology.

Bureau of Criminal Identification

Detective EDU

Careers in Criminal Investigations

Bureau of Criminal Identification

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Call (800) 897-5465

Utah Code

The Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel is the official publisher of the Utah Code. The code provisions available constitute the current and official electronic record of the Utah Code.

Real World Experience

Our education, background and experience sets us apart. There are few, if any, PI firms that can claim this level of training and experience, let alone back it up with certificates, diplomas, and other verifications.

EyesOn has been directly involved in thousands of police investigations, surveillance activities, and complex fraud investigations. These cases involved multiple subjects and thousands of pieces of evidence and documents. Our wide range of expertise allows us to look at each case individually, from several perspectives, to find a strategy that saves client valuable time and resources.

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