I hired Kevin to investigate my ex-wife. I had suspicions that she was cohabitating with her boyfriend. Within our divorce decree it states that cohabitation is grounds for terminating alimony. Kevin and his team went right to work. He placed a GPS tracker on her vehicle. When he knew she was at her boyfriend’s house, he set up surveillance to gather onsite information. He was able to get great picture and video evidence of not only her living there but gaining unrestricted access to his house, parking in the garage, visiting with neighbors, shopping for food and household items, etc. With Kevins detailed report we were able to file a motion to terminate alimony. We were able to settle out of court. It saved me $600,000 in future alimony payments.
I would highly recommend Kevin and his team. They are experts at what they do and true professionals. I appreciated his follow up and keeping me posted on the weekly progress. He was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the process. Thanks Kevin!!