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EyesOn Private Investigations has years of experience investigating all types of insurance cases. Whether an injury fraud case or a billing fraud, EyesOn PI has the background to get results. EyesOn PI has a staff of surveillance investigators who can respond quickly and remain on site until we get the desired results. We understand what it takes to prove a malingering or fraud case and have the staff to handle your needs.


EyesOn Private investigations can investigate all types of corporate issues. We are very experienced in fraud investigations, counterfeit products, internal theft, mystery shopper, and employee backgrounds to name a few. EyesOn PI is available to conduct interviews, do surveillance, do covert investigations, and serve process. EyesOn PI has the staff available to handle most any size investigation.


EyesOn Private Investigations uses the latest equipment to conduct result-driven surveillance. Depending on the case needs, GPS tracking, physical surveillance, and/or video surveillance can be utilized. Whether you need us following a cheating spouse, an ex-spouse in a custody battle, or an employee involved in criminal activity, EyesOn PI is the best in the business at tracking people.

Civil & Criminal

EyesOn Private Investigations can assist with investigating any type of civil or criminal case. Whether it is a business partner you need the “dirt” on, or a homicide you need to re-investigate, EyesOn PI has the investigative background to assist. EyesOn PI has investigated thousands of cases successfully, ranging from missing persons, multi-million-dollar insurance fraud, to homicides. EyesOn PI has the experience to get the job done.


EyesOn Private Investigations has access to dozens of exclusive databases to conduct the most comprehensive backgrounds. Whether you need to find someone (skip trace) or you need to know everything about someone, EyesOn PI has the information at our fingertips. The information available is only limited by your imagination.

Process Service

EyesOn Private Investigations serves process documents throughout Utah and the surrounding states. We pride ourselves on being able to find the subject the first time. By finding the subject the first time, we save our clients’ money on “attempt to serve fees”. EyesOn PI also does skip tracing for the hard to find subject. We provide all necessary paperwork once the document is served.

Accident Reconstruction

EyesOn Private Investigations has an experienced Accident Re-constructionist who has completed the highest level of instruction Northwestern Traffic Institute offers. We use the latest technology to re-recreate any accident scene in 2-D and 3-D. Coupled with technology, we interview the drivers of both vehicles and any witnesses to obtain a detailed account of the events leading up to the collision.

We are passionate about bringing the person responsible for this life-changing event to justice. For this to be accomplished, a detailed report is prepared using photographs, scale diagrams, the evidence and the statements gathered in the interviews to formulate a detailed report of how the collision occurred.

Fire & Arson

EyesOn Private Investigations can conduct fire/arson investigations to determine origin & cause. Our investigator has many years of experience doing fire investigations for the State of Utah, Fire Marshal. We use the latest technology and investigative techniques to determine what really happened. We also conduct interviews related to the case and provide detailed reports of the findings and facts.

Cell Tower Mapping

EyesOn Private Investigations uses cell tower mapping along with other information to show a cell phone was at a certain location. This technology can often be what brings the truth to light.

Mobile Forensics

EyesOn Private Investigations has access to the most up-to-date digital forensic tools to assist is locating, tracking and discovering the facts.

Some of the tools used include Cellbrite, Lantern, XRY, and ADF. These tools can often locate valuable hidden data located on mobile devices. The data can then be analyzed and organized to be used in a court case.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting can be used to locate irregularities within financial documents and accounts. Once the information is isolated a comprehensive report will be prepared to make a complicated subject much easier to understand.

Debugging Services

Do you think your office or house is bugged? Does someone know things they shouldn’t, suggesting they are listening to your conversations? EyesOn Private Investigations has de-bugging equipment to check your home, office or your vehicle.

Real World Experience

Our education, background and experience sets us apart. There are few, if any, PI firms that can claim this level of training and experience, let alone back it up with certificates, diplomas, and other verifications.

EyesOn has been directly involved in thousands of police investigations, surveillance activities, and complex fraud investigations. These cases involved multiple subjects and thousands of pieces of evidence and documents. Our wide range of expertise allows us to look at each case individually, from several perspectives, to find a strategy that saves client valuable time and resources.

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